Lillyway Lovin'you At Nithview

Best Puppy in Show - Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - March 2015 - Judge Mrs E Ashe (Forrestwalk)

Best Puppy in Show - Scottish Collie Club Open Show - April 2015 - Judge Mr B McIntyre (Meryctin)

1st - Minor Puppy Bitch - Northumberland and Durham Championship Show - April 2015 - Judge Mrs M Walker (Starlenga)
Judges critique - Nice tri bitch of 8 months which is maturing well, good mould of foreface with a sweet eye, correct stop with a nice arched neck, good presentation.

Falkirk and District Canine Society - 1st AV Puppy - Puppy Pastoral Group 3 - Judge Mr G Lewthwaite
(11,1) - A lovely puppy bitch of 9 months old, good head and expression, nice angles front and rear, in nice coat,
moved and showed well.

Drongan and District CS - April 2015
2nd AV Pastoral Puppy - Melvin and Jopsom’s Rough Collie Lilyway Lovin you at Nithview
9 month tri bitch of superior breed type. Best of heads and sweetest of expressions.
Lovely front assembly, good outline, level topline held on the move . presented in superb coat and condition.
Another very exciting youngster unfortunate to meet the winner on the top of his form. Best wishes with her going forward.
- Judge Mr Albert Hope

Rutherglen Canine Club - 1st AV Puppy - Judge E Jay
Critique - 'Eight month tri colour bitch, very alert and showy. Nice dark eye, sweet expression, good arch
to neck, promising coat and lively on the move'

Ladies and District Kennel Association of Scotland - 1st Junior Bitch - Judge Mrs G Blaikie (Kourika)

1st Graduate - Tri puppy, has a very nice head with correct eye shape, carrying enough weight, and in some of these Collies it was an issue,
one in particular think they are a working dog! Liked her movement showing a good topline at all times - Judge Linda Pierson

Leeds Championship Show - July 2015 - 1st Junior Bitch - Judge Tracey Wilkinson
JB 10(3) - 1st Melvin & Jopson’s Lillyway Lovin’You At Nithview
Super balanced head with an almond eye giving the sweetest expression her ears are not the best but didn’t deter. Good size, neat oval feet balanced and a nice shape . Moved with drive and had good tail carriage. Not quite in full bloom but was presented very well one for the future.

North East of England Working and Pastoral Breeds
2. Melvin & Jopson - Lillyway Lovin' You at Nithview, 12 month old tri bitch good head and body shape and moved well, preferred head on first. - Judge Mark Williams

Scottish Collie Club September 2015
1st SAC Post Graduate Dog/Bitch - 14 month old black tri bitch, well chiselled head, used ears well, nice body, lovely feminine expression, good angulation front and rear,
well bodied for age, in good coat and moved well - Judge Irene Green

Northumberland and Durham Open Show - October 2015
2. Melvin & Jopson’s, Lillyway Lovin’ You At Nithview
– lovely make and shape to this young tri. Her ears being on the light side today just taking away from her expression.  Correct conformation which made her one of my best mover’s today.  Beautifully turned out. 

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - November 2015
Best Bitch and Best of Breed - 1st. Melvin and Jopson’s Lilyway Lovin’ You At Nithview 16 month tri bitch lovely head and eye with right amount of stop. Stood with her ears on top of her head, giving a lovely soft expression. Lovely shape with good angulation. Moved well both going and coming and with drive. Was at one with her handler and well presented. BB and BOB

North of Scotland Sheepdog Club April 2016
1 Melvin and Jopson’s Lillyway Lovin you at Nithview  19 month Tri bitch another girl who is maturing beautifully in between jackets at the moment, but what an outline, she has a beautifully balanced head, lovely almond shaped eye and the sweetest of expressions, ears which she used, a well arched neck , good depth to her chest, good length of back, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, good angulations front and rear, she moved well  her body is so well toned and muscled she is a credit to her owners. Her coat was gleaming, beautifully presented and handled.

After a break for maternal duties - Lexi is back in the ring February 2017 just six months after the birth of her puppies and was 2nd Limit Bitch at Midland Collie Club Ch Show
2nd Melvin & Jopson Lillyway Lovin You at Nithview
Loved this feminine tri bitch head and expression, super reach of neck , very good show girl and so attentive to her handle.  Jet black shiny coat well presented, good bone and neat feet moved out well, just needs to settle on the move. Judge Jane Margetts (Collingvale)

Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show March 2017
1st Lillyway Lovin' you at Nithview
Tri bitch, nicely put together with good angulation and length of neck and back. Blackest of coats. Well moulded fore face and sweet eye. One of the few with a long tail. Moved well.
- Judge Angela Coulson

Coatbridge Airdrie and District February 2017
Mesdames Melvin and Jopsons Lillyway Lovin you at Nithview. 2 ½ yr old tri bitch of superior breed type. Well balanced all through. Lovely head, dark eye, good bite. Well carried ears. Nicely arched neck, good front assembly. Lovely topline – held on the move. Well angulated. Moved and shown to advantage. Last judged her as a 6 month puppy and delighted that she has fulfilled that early promise. BOB and G1. Looked lovely in the BIS lineup. My sincerest best wishes for her continued success.

Greenock and District - July 2017
2. Melvin and Jopsons Lilyway Lovin' you at Nithview. A super jet black tri bitch in very good condition. Another well balanced girl. Head handles well, rounded muzzle, a tad more stop than 1 good ear set. Showed and moved very well. Very close decision I just preferred the eye on 1. Anita Fox

Yorkshire Collie Club Ch Show - September 2017
Quality headed tri, with a lovely eye and expression, and lovely well used ears,  good neck and topline, good body, in full coat and beautiful condition,  would just like her with a bit more leg length.   Nice going round but close behind.   Derek Smith

Richmond Ch Show - September 2017
2nd Melvin & Jopson`s Lillyway Lovin` You At Nithview  Heavy coated Tri presented extremely well. Balanced head good eye and sweet expression. Another with good angulation very balanced . Moved well
. Tracey Wilkinson

Ayrshire Collie Club Ch Show - October 2017
2nd Melvin and Jopson’s Lillyway Lovin’ You at Nithview. Three year old lovely feminine tri. Correct head pattern. Nicely moulded foreface, parallel plains, correct stop, nice eye giving desired expression. Elegant  reach of neck, well laid shoulders, nicely balanced outline, correct tailset. Moved soundly, not in top condition today. Mrs D Iley

Greenock and District
OPEN BITCH 1st – LILLYWAY LOVIN’ YOU AT NIGHVIEW- Female. My BEST Of BREED. Tricolour bitch of lovely black colour and tan markings. A bit out of coat on the day but didn’t affect the overall quality look of this girl. Loved her. A really show girl, with a lovely presence in the ring. I felt in love of her overall outline and construction. Very sound & clean of the move. Confident and very alert to her handler. Nice head and expression with correct head proportions, correct eye and lovely dark colour. Good stop. Correct jaw and bite. Beautiful arched neck which make her look smart. Correct size with good high and body proportions. Excellent deep chest with correct shoulders and angulations. God ribs. Hindquarter good and hocks well let down. Moved freely all the time. Happy to award her BOB.
Emilio Castilo (Judge)

Carluke and DCS 16/12/2018
1.Melvin & Jopson's Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview. 3 yr. sable dog. Well balanced with good expression. Masculine head in proportion with body. Flat skull with sides tapering smoothly to black nose. Skull and muzzle of equal length. Would prefer a little less stop. Expressive dark eyes. Small well set ears. Arched neck of fair length. Shoulders sloping with good angulation to upper arm. Muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved well showing drive. Barry Blunden (Judge)

Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & Dist Canine Society 27/1/2018
1st Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview. 3 yr old sable male, good head properties, dark eyes with lovely expression. Good shoulder placement and strong rear-end. Nice deep chest and moved well.

Midland Collie Club Ch Show February 2018
1st. Melvin & Jopson's  Leemanway River Phoenix at Nithview,  Golden s/w groomed to perfection.  Clean head with nicely placed dark eye, flat skull, good ear placement used well, ample length of neck into good shoulders, nice length of back, correct tail carriage, sound on the move. Judge Phil Amos

Caledonian CS
February 2018
1. Melvin * Jopson's Leemanway River Phoenix at Nithview. Show himself off, good head, eyes and ear placement. Good front neck and shoulder placement, nice topline and sound rear movement.
Sally Duffin (Judge)

March 2018
2 Melvin & Jopson's Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview. S/w. Another with pleasing shape, balanced head, good stop, ears bang on top, pleasing expression, good neck, front quarters and turn of stifle, moved freely. 3 Allen's Lynmack Labyrinth. S/w. Nota big lad, correct head pattern, pleasing eye set and expression, well set ears, nice neck and depth of brisket, firm loin, moved well. Frances Kaye (Judge)

Northumberland and Durham Collie Club Ch Show
April 2018
2nd Melvin & Jopsons’  Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview.  A three year old in super condition and sound construction with good fore and aft angulation enabling him to move with soundness.  A pleasing head to handle with correct head plains, sweet  eye,  correct stop,  rounded muzzle,  flat skull and correct placement of well used ears all giving a lovely expression. Tony Iley (Judge)

Scottish Kennel Club
What a delightful boy this is, full of joie de vivre, he had to be the happiest dog on show today!
I loved his well balanced body, just the right ratio of length and height, superbly presented in full harsh weatherproof coat. Excellent reach of neck which was
enhanced by his full white collar. He has an alert mischevious expression, and used his correctly tipped ears very well.
Nicely muscled which enabled him to move out soundly and with confidence


Nithview Summer Lovin'

Northumberland and Durham Open Show - January 2016

2nd Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Summer Lovin; 7 month old s/w very pretty baby, absolutely groomed to perfection, but who needs to mature. Different type to 1st, very feminine expression, good ear set, shorter length of skull, would prefer less stop, good length of neck but would prefer a little more length of back. Good shoulder placement although front and rear assembly is still a little too loose on the move. She will mature into a very pretty, sassy girl but on the day looked immature against the class winner. Full marks for confidence and I wish her well in her career.

Rutherglen - February 2016

G (6) 1 Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Summer Lovin, feminine pretty youngster. Clean in head with a good stop. Correct ear carriage with good eye & expression. Good length in neck with a correct front assembly. Good angles in her rear with correct short hocks. Does need to settle on the move but with normal maturity this should correct itself. She was presented in good order. Happy to award her BP & BOB.
Judge Martin Sanders

North of Scotland Sheepdog Club April 2016

1 Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Summer Lovin 9 month old pretty sable bitch who has a lovely clean well balanced head, lovely almond shaped dark eye, giving a sweet expression, correctly placed ears which she used all the time, she has a lovely arched neck, good shoulder placement and a good length of back, a well placed tail of the correct length and neat feet, loved her outline and shape she moved and showed well and was presented beautifully.  Best Puppy

Scottish Collie Club Open Show April 2016
1 Melvin and Jopsons Nithview Summer Lovin Sable and White flashy baby of 9 month. Nice wedge head, nice moulded foreface, dark almond eye and neat ears which she used non stop. She has a good reach of neck, depth of chest, turn of stiffle, neat hocks and nicely boned. Well presented and moved well. BPB.

Lancs and Cheshire Championship Show May 2016
1. Melvin & Jopson Nithview Summer Lovin a sable and white with a lovely head, dark eye and well used ears. She has a good well fitting coat that was groomed to perfection. She moved round the ring with

Ayrshire Collie Club June 2016
2nd Melvin & Jopson Nithview Summer Lovin 11 mth sable, very sweet, good dark eye, pleasing expression, nice length of neck and back good tail placement, moved well

Border Union Championship Show - June 2016
1st Puppy Bitch - Melvin & Jopson's Nithview Summer Lovin, almost 12 months, I have admired this young girl from the ringside & I wasn't dissapointed going over her. Ultra feminine sable with beautiful eye, ears used non stop, lovely expression, very attentive to handler. Nice reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, well sprung ribs & short hocks. Groomed to perfection, moved with drive, pleased to award her BPIB and absolutely delighted to see her short-listed in a strong pastoral group.

Durham Open Show - July 2016
Stunning 13 month old sable bitch. Beautiful expression. Good depth of chest. Well laid shoulder. Good length of body and turn of stifle. Well set tail of correct length. Groomed to perfection. Moved very well. BOS

Midland Collie Club Ch Show - February 2017
1st  Melvin & Jopson  Nithview Summer Lovin
Standing has a great outline, length of neck and good body shape , pleasing expression ears used very well.,  on the move went round the ring with plenty of style and strong movement
(which won her this class) - Judge Jane Margetts (Collingvale)

Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview

North East of England Working and Pastoral Breeds - July 2015
1. Melvin & Jopson - Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview, 7 month old sable & white male, correct shaped head with correct eye & ear carriage giving a sweet expression, good length of neck into good shoulders and topline, moved well. BP - Judge - Mark Williams

Scottish Collie Club September 2015
SAC 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch - 9 months old entire sable dog, nice head, good parallels, dark almond eye, scissor bite, lovely expression, good reach of neck, well bodied with good angulation
front and rear, overall displayed a balanced picture. In good coat and moved well - Judge Irene Green

Darlington September 2015
2nd Puppy Dog - 2 Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview, 9 months s/w, balanced overall. Nice head, dark well shaped eye, hence good expression. Enough neck, balanced angulation front & rear, well ribbed. In super coat for age, moved well;

Dumfries and Galloway
PASTORAL – P (5,3) 1 Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview, smart sable Rough Collie, who is coming on very nicely. Movement just needs to tighten up which shall do. He has many of his handsome father’s looks. Good head, dark almond shaped eye, small ears which he used well. Good reach of neck, good front & rear, moved like a puppy should do, enjoying himself thoroughly in the sun. Coat was nicely presented;

Belfast September 2015
2 Melvin & Jepson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview, another r/s who was close up to winner but he was not as clean in hind movement & a bit close going away. Scores in head with good lines & correct blunt wedge shape, dark well set eyes & made good use of his ears. Well sprung in ribbing, deep in chest & firm in back. Again needs to finish;

Northumberland and Durham Open Show October 2015
2. Melvin & Jopson’s, Leeamanway River Phoenix At  Nithview – 10months old s/w.  Not as settled as 1.  Good wedged shaped head.  Correct eye and sweet expression. Neat ears which were used to advantage.  Not as steady on the move.  Good presentation.

Midland Counties Championship Show October 2015
1 BP, Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview, s/w with correct body shape, good bone & reach of neck. Coat of correct texture. Head is balanced with stop breaking in the correct place. Lovely eye & when he uses his ears he has a very pleasing expression. His movement is erratic which I have considered in light of his age & development, I hope this improves as he matures as he could do well; 

Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - November 2015
Reserve Best Dog - 1st. Melvin and Jepson’s  Leeamanway River Phoenix at Nithview Golden Sable dog who is almost 11 months, lovely head and eye  with  stop in the right place.  Nice angulation with good bone. Used his ears well which showed his sweet expression. Has his father’s showmanship that he beat today for RBD. Just needs to tighten up in his rear movement which I am sure will come. BPD RBD

Manchester Championship Show - January 2016
Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Phoenix At Nithview - I really liked this beautifully presented golden sable dog. Lovely sweet expression with nice dark eye, a well moulded muzzle and good strong underjaw.  Good arch of neck into correct length of body.  Well angulated hind quarters.  Very attentive to handler and moved with enthusiasm.

Rutherglen February 2016
Melvin & Jopson’s Leeamanway River Pehonix at Nithview, handsome individual of good merit. Masculine well proportioned head with correct stop. Good in eye with well placed ears. Neck has good length. Overall body proportions are good. He stands on quality bone with neat feet. Sadly today was rather coltish & was very proud of his tail so had to pay the penalty!. Judge Martin Sanders

Greenock & District Kennel Association
1ST- LEEAMANWAY RIVER PHOENIX AT NIGHVIEW- Glamourous sable & white male. A very masculine dog, you wouldn’t have any doubts he is a male. Good length of muzzle, strong jaw, correct shape of eye and colour. This boy knows how to play his ears and I really liked this about him. Strong stop. I would personally like it a bit better parallel lines with smoother outline and flatter skull. Correct scissor bit. Liked his length of neck, correct shoulders and front angulations. Good ribs. I would like to see the hocks well let down and stronger able to support the natural the stand and move of a working dog. On the day, when standing where out which affected the overall balance and picture. He was playful and unsettle on the move and carried the tail high. Overall, a lot to like about him. Great show man!! The best of the day in the breed. Really loved the attention of the handler and enjoy his day out. Beautifully groomed and presented by his handler.
Emilio Castillo (Judge)


Nithview Country Bumpkin - 'Ayra'

Coatbridge Airdrie and District - February 2017

Mesdames Melvin and Jopsons Nithview Country Bumpkin. 6 month old sable/white Rough Collie bitch of lovely breed type. Beautiful head, dark eye good expression. Lovely front  assembly. Good topline held on the move. Good rear angulation. Another one to watch.

Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - March 2017 - SAC
2nd Nithview Country Bumpkin
7 month shaded sable bitch, nice in profile and good in neck and shoulder. Head is clean and balanced, eyes and ears are well set giving a pleasing expression. Moved well if slightly close in front.
- Judge Angela Coulson

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st   Melvin & Jopson’s Country Bumpkin – Sable & white puppy of 7 months.  Wow what a confident young lady she is for one so young.   Feminine expression, good length of muzzle.  Well set ears.  Well angulated, moved and showed well. - Margaret Shipp

Upperward of Lanarkshire - February 2017

5) 1 Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin, a gorgeous 6 months little lady. The sweetest of expressions on a nicely shaped feminine head with sweet neat ears. Correct length of body carrying a beautiful puppy coat. Moved extremely well in this class as she moved confidently with purpose. She just had to win this class & eventually BOB - Jane Usher

Scottish Collie Club - April 2017
2nd Nithview Country Bumpkin – Melvin & Jopson – Very eye catching and feminine sable and white with a stunning white collar. She is maturing quite nicely with a lovely expression but needs to tighten up on rear movement.

Scottish Kennel Club - May 2017
1st & BPB & RBCC    MELVIN & JOPSON’s   NITHVIEW COUNTRY  BUMPKIN   Striking 9 mths old S/W. Lovely shaped head with nicely tipped ears and well place almond eye. Correctly proportioned body with arched neck, good angulation, length of back and nice long tail. Good bone, firm parallel legs and moved keenly , tracking straight and showed well. Pleased to award her the RBCC.

Annandale CS Open Show - July 2017
1st Melvin & Jopson Nithview Country Bumpkin 11 month old shaded s/w puppy with correct shaped muzzle almond eye nicely tipped ears giving a lovely expression reach of neck leading down to correct length of back correct hocks and length of tail groomed perfectly moved well Pleased to award her Best Puppy and she gained 2nd In Puppy Group

Greenock - July 2017
Rough collie puppy (5,2) 1. Melvin and Jopsons Nithview Country Bumpkin. Sable 10mth old, coming on nicely. Head handles well, good flat skull, ears and almond eye which I'd perhaps prefer just a tad more obliquely set. Foreface has just a little more filling in to do. Very good angulation front and back and this showed in her movement which was fluid and keeping a good top line. Anita Fox

Upperward of Lanarkshire - August 2017
A nice young bitch, a good blunted wedged head, sides tape gradually, correct eye and ear placement, scissor bite, well arched neck, well angulated shoulders, well sprung rib, very pleasing to the eye, moved lovely BOB - Peter Matfin

Larkhall and District - August 2017
Melvin and Jopson's Nithview Country Bumpkin - 11 month s/w bitch, very pretty and balanced head, well placed tidy ears used to advantage. Dark eye, sweet expression, good neck and shoulders. Deep chest, good body, well muscled thigh and good bend of stifle. Very good thick coat for age, beautifully presented. Sound happy movement won her this class. Very promising puppy. - Anne McManus

Dumfries and Galloway - August 2017
12 months sable/white bitch of super quality. Very well balanced and didn't put a foot wrong. Super head, loved her expression, used her ears well. Good straight front and feet. Well angulated shoulders, firm back with correct spring of rib, and desired rise over loin. Presented in excellent condition, moved well. BOB/Group 1 - Cath Gilbert

Richmond Ch Show - September 2017
1st Melvin & Jopson`s Nithview Country Bumpkin won the class on her overall shape and balance lovely arch of neck good front neat feet . Moved out with drive  a proper little show off . Presentation excellent. Tracey Wilkinson

Ayrshire Collie Club Ch Show - October 2017
2nd Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin. Bigger type than 1, fourteen month old sable and white. Loved her overall shape and balance, sweet expression, neat ears, nice eye and sound on the move fore and aft. Maturing well. Mrs D Iley

N & D Open Show - October 2017
1st Melvin & Jopson Nithview Country Bumpkin - s/w just out of puppy very good shape head in proportion good stop correct bite super ear carrage which she used all the time all molded into good muzzle gave her sweet expression, good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders well toned up at the back moved well forward and back. - Mrs Brodie

Three Counties - June 2018
2. Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin. 21m sable with lovely head properties, nice eye and expression. Flat skull, ears well set. Good forechest, straight front, well arched neck, adequate shoulder angulation and good depth of chest. Enough coat to enhance body shape, just needs to muscle up at rear to provide a bit more drive.

Hamilton Canine Club 11/08/2018 Rough Collies ….

POST GRADUATE [3] 1st Melvin & Jopson’s Nithview Country Bumpkin, beautiful 2yr old sable bitch, won this class on her super shape and showmanship. Lovely head with flat skull, medium dark brown eyes giving a lovely kind expression. Small, neat ears which she used well at all times. Strong jaw with good dentition. Lovely crest of neck into well angulated shoulders, ample bone. Good spring of rib. Well muscled hindquarters, good turn of stifle. Tail of good length and well carried on the move. Immaculately presented and in good coat of excellent condition. Moved soundly and precisely, showing good drive from the rear. Such an attentive showgirl, could not deny her BOB. Pleased to see her take Group 3 in a quality Pastoral Group


Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview - 'Theon'
Ch Jopium Stole My Heart at Lingwell x Lillyway Loobylou
DOB 28.5.2017

Greenock and District
PUPPY CLASS: Really liked all the puppies in this class and I am sure these puppies will do proud to the owners in the years to come.

1st- 225.- LILLYWAY LATIMER AT NITHVIEW. Tri colour male with excellent black colour. Nice masculine puppy. Very confident. Really liked his head. Clean head, skull flat. Correct parallel lines. Lovely shape of eye and colour. Ears position correctly and showed his ears well. Good jaw, strong, scissor bite. Good length of neck, well arched. Excellent deep chest with very correct shoulders and angulations. Good balance between high and correct length of body. Good ribs for his each. One of the best hindquarters for the breed on the day. Hocks well let down, muscular tights. Good feet. Tail was slightly carried high on the day but he was very playful with his handler. Didn’t go over the back. Moved very well around the ring, confident, clean move. Presented well. A lot to like.
Emilio Castilo (Judge)

Caledonian CS
February 2018
1. Brown & Hopson's Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview, Nice head and sound rear, moved well, nice coat, almond eyes, good dark pigment, ear set well. Nice neck and shoulders BPIB Sally Duffin (Judge)

Ayrshire Collie Club Open Show - March 2018
1st Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview, tri 9 months old nice eye, neat ears. Good size dog, showed well, stood alone bit close in hind movement, showed ok and nice stance. Thomas Conway (Judge)

Birmingham National Ch Show - May 2018

2nd: BROWN, Miss H & JOPSON Mr R Lillyway Lattimer At Nithview. 11 mth Tri of good size and balance. Nice head pattern of good length. Good neck flowing into a well angulated front and correct length of back, deep chest, neat feet and nice bone.  Moved well enough and presented well.  Nick Smith (Judge)

Lancs and Cheshire Ch Show 2018
Brown and Jopson's lillyway Lattimer at Nithview. Jet black tri in gleaming condition. Ideal for size and lovely collie shape. Very pleasing in head type, he has a good neck and is a sound mover. Just very reluctant to show! Judge Derek Smith

Ayrshire Collie Club - June 2018

1st:  Brown and Jopsons Lillyway Lattimer at Nithview. 13 months old tri. He has a nice head pattern with good underjaw, good eye and ears giving a sweet expression.  Very attentive to his handler, stood and moved well.