My name is Mae, and along with my sister Joan, we breed and show Rough Collies, travelling all round the country to
​ shows, including Crufts.

Your dog is part of your family and you want them looking their best and being cared for the way you would yourself.  
I recognise that each dog is an individual and treat them with the care and respect I give our own dogs.

Your pets welfare is my number one priority, and when grooming, I work on a one to one basis and each dog is
groomed to your personal requirements.    

But..........did you know what a Dog Groomer really does? Did you think it was all about making pooches pretty? Think again.
A Full groom includes a Bath, blow dry, style, claws clipped, ears clean and loose hair removed if necessary.

But is that all we do ?
During your pooches time with us we will also do the following ......

On arrival , we will check 'Bobby' all over for lumps, bumps, sore bits, fleas, and ticks etc .
This is every inch of your dog, between toes, under the tail, in ears, mouth, belly, you name it , we check it !
Some insurance companies don't cover groomers for anal glands expression. Regardless, we can check to see if they need doing so we can refer you to a vet. We have all the glamorous jobs.
We are super tick removers. This is my pet hate, They make me squeamish ugh my skin is crawling just thinking about them.
In fact, if you're bringing 'Bobby' to us every 8 - 10 weeks, we will be seeing him more regularly than the vet does.
Most of us only go to the vet when we need to, or for annual boosters,
This means when we say something has changed and Bobby needs to see a vet. Please listen to us .
However, we are not medically trained. We cannot diagnose or treat medical issues. 
If you're worried about 'Bobby' your vet should be your first port of call .
We wouldn't do anything else.
This is not a job to make us a millionaire, it isn't an easy job,
but it is our passion , we live and breathe pooches, so despite all of the above, we won't be giving up anytime soon !
So next time you pick up your pooch , thank your groomer.

Telephone Mae on 07748 584445
for more information and advice on your personal requirements.